Achieve business agility and flexibility

Achieve business agility and flexibility

Achieve business agility and flexibility

There is no denying that cloud computing has changed the way both large enterprises and small businesses operate where many organizations within the UAE have adopted cloud as a way of utilizing IT services to deriving business value. In a challenging business environment, Cloud is an innovative and cost effective way to reduce your Capex expenditure whilst improving your efficiencies. It enables Organizations to scale up to meet growing business requirements, without investing in hardware, whilst being compliant with the local security and data sovereignty standards.

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Cloud & Automation

Injazat helped in establishing entire IT Services with faster time-to-market, 24x7 Managed Services with guaranteed SLA, Data Security and minimum upfront investment.

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Our delivery model

Our Enterprise Cloud is hosted locally within the UAE and offers secure, resilient and dynamic IT systems.

The Cloud delivers agility, higher uptime and provides a flexible model which can be smartly adapted to your dynamic business requirements.

Our innovative services are supported by the following capabilities:

Security and Compliance

Locally hosted, secured, operated and protected environment as per the framework of NESA, ADSIC and ISO-27001 standards. Compliant with UAE data sovereignty and data security standards. The Cloud is hosted at our data center, providing full control and ownership.

Managed Services with Guaranteed Service Levels

Injazat has strong track record of delivering IT Business Services successfully with guaranteed SLA. We understand your business requirements and our approach is to utilize Cloud to provide those Business Services more efficiently.

Faster Time-to-Market

Deployment and migration of Business Applications are the Key to success for Cloud Transformation. We leverage our Application and Managed Service capability to prepare the Cloud, a prioritised and strategic approach ensures the migration and change management process is cost effective and efficient.

Enterprise Cloud Functionalities

The Cloud offers a broad range of use cases such as IT Shared Services, Recovery as a Service, hosting of websites, Consolidation of ERP, Portal, Email Services and more. The functionalities enable an Enterprise to have their branding (white-labelled portal) and innovative services such as software-defined security, software defined network, billing, chargeback, etc

Flexible Commercial Models

The Cloud Services has multiple models for the Enterprises to align to their Business objective. It gives the flexibility of various deployment models, ownership status, and investment outflow.

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Take advantage of this digital disruption and the opportunities created to deliver solutions that are customer focused in a strategic and prioritised way. Our services are supported by the following capabilities

Public Cloud

Incloud is the most advanced software defined cloud platform with complete automation hosted and managed in the UAE at our Tier IV Data Center.

Private Cloud

Private cloud is a model with a long term investment prospect which involves customization, specific technology selection and careful consideration.

Hybrid Cloud

Supported by a software defined infrastructure facilitating secure connectivity, Incloud is a seamless environment for Organizations to burst on.

Hosted Security Services

A wide range of hosted security services from our Tier IV designed data center


Enables critical infrastructure support with incident identification, recording, corrective action, root-cause analysis, periodic trending for patterns of incidents and maintenance of trouble tickets


Secure, compliant & resilient

The key drivers attracting Organizations worldwide to adopt Cloud are Operational agility and core business focus enablement, safeguarded within a secured environment, delivered through an effective financial model.