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The lowdown on the Gulf’s first Tier IV data center
Jul 3, 2017
the lowdown on the gulfs first Tier IV
the lowdown on the gulfs first Tier IV

There are plenty of data centers across the Middle East. Indeed, a fair number of large organizations have built Tier III data centers of their own, capable of hosting vast infrastructures befitting the operations of global companies. But what if you could take advantage of the power of a state-of-the-art data center without actually having to build one yourself?

Well, that was thinking behind the build-out of Injazat Data Systems’ data center in Abu Dhabi. Built in 2009 it’s the Gulf’s first Tier IV-certified data center, and it was built specifically for organizations looking to leverage the cloud in a secure, scalable infrastructure.

The design of this data center is something to behold. Built as part of an AED 380 million project, the 6,660-square-meter facility is based on Cisco’s Service Oriented Network Architecture (SONA), which enables the continuous evolution of the Intelligent Information Network to accelerate applications, business processes, productivity and profitability.

In simpler terms, the design means this: It combines state-of-the-art redundant systems with an integrated facilities management infrastructure that can be scaled and future-proofed.

And the best part of it is that the data center was built with cloud computing in mind. No other private cloud data center in the Middle East is geared towards hosting customers’ data in the cloud in such a way. With this data center, Injazat offers guaranteed uptime, faster responsiveness to business needs, and a secure physical environment.

Indeed, this service offering has come to a head with the launch of Injazat InCloud, the region’s first fully integrated cloud solution providing proper IaaS capabilities built on the OpenStack platform. The idea behind it is that regional enterprises can truly take advantage of the cloud without falling foul of the UAE’s data sovereignty laws. After all, before Injazat’s Tier IV data center was built, there was simply no facility capable of offering anything like the performance and uptime provided by an international cloud provider. Now, though, with the data center fully operational and InCloud fully former, UAE organizations get the benefits of a world-class cloud at a local level.

That last statement isn’t overplaying things, either. Last year, Injazat became an SAP Certified Provider and Partner for both Cloud and Hosting Services, with its data center becoming the only one of its kind in the region to provide official SAP Certified cloud and hosting services. That a global leader such as SAP chose Injazat’s data center as a provider of its cloud services speaks volumes to the capabilities of the facility.

“This certification for Cloud and Hosting Services demonstrates Injazat’s strengths and capabilities in delivering the infrastructure services that support SAP applications,” said Tayfun Topkoç, Managing Director of SAP UAE, at the time.

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