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Endpoint Security as a Service 
Sep 9, 2018
Injazat offers a comprehensive, robust Endpoint Security as a Service platform, using machine learning and powerful endpoint device protection to secure your organisation’s devices.
Endpoint security as a service
Endpoint security as a service

The security challenges for endpoint devices have never been more complex. Organisations need to keep ahead of zero-day threats, ransomware and greyware, maintain visibility to quickly find, investigate and eliminate potential threats, and at the same time reduce the complexity and bureaucratic burden of dealing with growing numbers of devices.
But faced with multiple security and management silos, difficult manual processes that slow down response times – not to mention ever more sophisticated attack vectors – keeping endpoint devices safe is a significant challenge.
A Verizon report found that in 62% of cases, attackers compromised organisations’ systems within minutes. When responding, the average security investigation took eight days, while it took an average of 200 days to identify a malicious attack.

Injazat Endpoint Security as a Service (ENSaaS) offers a different approach:

  • An integrated platform that unites threat defense systems
  • Centralized management suitable for delivering on service level agreements
  • An extensible security framework that can accommodate future defence systems
  • Actionable forensic reports and analysis, in easy-to-understand language
  • Advanced machine learning and analysis of undocumented threats
What we offer

Injazat ENSaaS provides a dynamic, collaborative and integrated platform to deliver protection that can outsmart attackers. Our platform features multi-layered defence, static and dynamic machine learning analysis and dynamic execution containment to stop the spread of infections.

The platform includes:

  • Threat protection, firewall and data protection
  • End user device web control
  • Dynamic application control
  • Real Protect zero-day malware protection
Dynamic Application Control
Injazat ENSaaS offers local endpoint execution containment to stop the spread of greyware or ransomware. Dynamic Application Control reduces the ability of malware to make malicious changes to a user’s system, without relying on the use of resource-intensive sandbox or virtualization.
Dynamic Application Control works online or offline, and ensures protection for your users and organisation without compromising business continuity.
End-user Device Web Control
The platform allows organisations to provide web filtering and browser protection for user devices. This ensures safe web browsing, while preventing access to dangerous or undesirable web content.
Users are alerted before they visit malicious websites, reducing risk and ensuring compliance, as well as user understanding. And dangerous downloads are blocked before they even start.
Threat Prevention, Firewall, Data Protection

Injazat ENSaaS features an enhanced anti-malware engine, which protects by detecting and correcting malware quickly. The engine prioritizes scanning of suspicious processes and applications while bypassing those known to be safe, improving performance and productivity.

The platform’s adaptive behavioural scanning capability allows it to monitor, target and escalate suspicious activity, while its firewall module acts as a Host Intrusion Prevention System. The platform also protects against data theft or loss from an organisation’s systems, ensuring data protection compliance.

Real Protect
Using advanced machine learning techniques, Real Protect allows Injazat ENSaaS to detect zero-day malware without pre-existing signatures.
Real Protect uses pre-execution static binary analysis, employing both machine learning and comparison to known malware attributes. It also dynamically analyses the behaviour of greyware on the endpoint device, comparing it to known malware behaviour patterns, matching it through cloud-based machine learning.
Learn how Injazat Endpoint Security as a Service can help your organisation tackle the security challenges of today and tomorrow – get in touch.
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