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Perfomance Management Solution
Sep 12, 2018
Injazat offers a comprehensive Performance Management Solution, which brings together all key organisational data in real time and shows you what you need to know, when you need to know it.

As the UAE’s population and visitor numbers continue to grow, along with the number of high-profile events the country plays host to, managing risk becomes ever more complex – and ever more critical.
Injazat’s Risk Management Solution (RMS) has been designed not just to tackle the challenges resulting from growing visitor numbers, but to take advantage of these visitors, as part of an integrated risk management strategy.

From offices to shopping malls, sports venues to government buildings, Injazat’s RMS can enhance the security of any organisation – all while working alongside existing security and risk management infrastructure, and without the need for expensive equipment upgrades. 

With options for single small sites to unlimited locations and users, see how the Injazat RMS can help your organisation be prepared. 

Knowledge is Power
As the pace of business has accelerated, key decisions need to be made faster than ever – and having the right information to make these decisions is crucial. But too often organisations have had to rely on the reporting capabilities of cumbersome legacy systems or complex and unreliable Excel spreadsheets. Injazat Performance Management Solution (PMS) can simplify and upgrade the reporting capabilities of any organisation, pulling together data from multiple different sources in real time, and offering dedicated dashboards and balanced scorecards for senior executives and strategic decision makers, other management tiers and HR departments. Cut through the data and gain real insight into how your organisation is performing.
Custom-made Dashboards
Instead of relying on standard templates, Injazat PMS offers powerful customization tools to create tailor-made reports, whatever your requirements.
Build your own specialist front page, leading into your most relevant reports, structure dashboards according to department, function or key metrics – and see what you need to see.
See strategy maps and organisational-level objectives with colour-coded performance indicators – then drill down into the KPIs related to each particular objective.
Reports for Any Device
Injazat PMS provides reporting capabilities designed for mobile devices, from tablets to smartphones, so you can see key organisational metrics anywhere, at any time – and make critical decisions when you need to, not just when you are in the office.
Delegation and Collaboration
Our solution makes communicating and measuring organisational and individual goals simple for everyone, by enabling managers to cascade strategic objectives and KPIs down to individual employees.
And Injazat PMS also allows collaboration through its web portal system. Colleagues, managers and reports can interact and engage on key performance data, and work on corrective action as required.
Automated, Real-Time Reporting, However You Want It
Our performance management solution takes away the pain of assembling data for reports, by automating data gathering from a wide variety of systems and platforms. And for data that has to be entered manually, organisations can use the solution’s web portal.
Reporting is also automated and can be customized to suit your needs. Reports can be customized by audience, and can be exported to MS Office formats or digital booklets, as well as viewed through the reporting software.
User Success
A major telco user had been using a number of disparate platforms: an ERP system to record individual employee performance, a different central system to record information on rewards and incentives, and corporate and departmental balanced scorecards on Excel spreadsheets.
Using the PMS, the company collated all its existing data sources under one reporting system, dramatically streamlining its reporting and monitoring processes. Now it is able to manage scorecards and change KPIs and objectives with ease, and reporting key strategic information has become much simpler at regular management meetings.
Find out how Injazat PMS can help your organisation streamline its reporting – get in touch.
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Risk Management Solution
Risk Management Solution
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