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Risk Management Solution
Sep 19, 2018
A real-time, interactive, crowdsourced risk management solution, underpinned by the power of Ethereum blockchain.
Risk Management Solution
Risk Management Solution

As the UAE’s population and visitor numbers continue to grow, along with the number of high-profile events the country plays host to, managing risk becomes ever more complex – and ever more critical.
Injazat’s Risk Management Solution (RMS) has been designed not just to tackle the challenges resulting from growing visitor numbers, but to take advantage of these visitors, as part of an integrated risk management strategy.

From offices to shopping malls, sports venues to government buildings, Injazat’s RMS can enhance the security of any organisation – all while working alongside existing security and risk management infrastructure, and without the need for expensive equipment upgrades.

With options for single small sites to unlimited locations and users, see how the Injazat RMS can help your organisation be prepared.

Crowdsourced Risk Management

Injazat’s RMS puts the power to report incidents or concerns in the hands of many, from site or venue staff, to security personnel, to visitors themselves, where appropriate.

The RMS offers a simple way for approved stakeholders to flag a suspicious bag or health and safety hazard, note aggressive or inappropriate behavior or call in a medical emergency. Through an app on their smartphone or tablet, a user can chat, upload a picture or even stream live video – all of which is time-stamped and geo-located, and stored on Injazat’s servers.

By utilizing the observational capability of the crowd – whether that is employees or visitors – the RMS allows organisations to identify and respond to threats faster than ever before.

Blockchain Records and Rewards

Through the use of Ethereum blockchain, the RMS allows organisations to keep an incorruptible ledger of reports and incidents – and to incentivize users to report incidents.

When a user uploads a report, it is recorded in the blockchain, creating a permanent and tamper-proof entry, complete with time, date and location information. This allows organisations to have full confidence in their risk management record keeping, and enables them to see a detailed history of reports.

But the use of blockchain also allows organisations to reward users who send in useful, actionable reports. When a report is uploaded, it also creates a transaction in the blockchain – once an incident has been resolved, the organisation can complete this transaction, rewarding the user with a token.

Users can then redeem these tokens in whatever ways the organisation decides – from staff perks, such as bonuses or holiday time, to visitor rewards, such as seat upgrades or concession-stand treats.
By incentivizing risk reporting, and only rewarding useful reports, organisations can be sure every stakeholder will do their best to flag up genuine risks or incidents.

Full System Integration

Beyond reports from users, Injazat’s RMS integrates with existing security infrastructure, such as CCTV cameras and alarm systems, giving management and security personnel real-time 360-degree situational awareness.

And as the RMS can enable security personnel in the field to access centralized CCTV feeds and other sources, staff can make faster, better decisions, with shorter chains of command where appropriate.
By combining data and reports from all available sources, the RMS allows organisations to see a much more detailed picture of an incident, meaning a fast and appropriate response when required – or swift confirmation that a report has been resolved or can be ignored.

Real-world Results

RMS users have seen the benefits on the ground, such as the emergency services provider who used live CCTV footage, traffic information and user reports to plan an optimal route to an incident at a busy site, instead of being delayed by crowds.

When faced with retail theft, police forces have used the RMS to quickly send reports to store managers and security staff, shortening response times without adding to the forces’ bureaucratic burden.
And stadium staff have used the solution to gain a clearer, faster picture of incidents by combining user reports with security cameras, allowing them to respond swiftly and appropriately.

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