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Injazat 4.0 has set the course, now it is time to hoist the sails
Feb 4, 2021
By Khaled Al Melhi, Chief Executive Officer, Injazat
CEO Injazat 4.0 Details
CEO Injazat 4.0 Details

The past year has been turbulent by many measures. For our industry, however, there have been some positive developments as it has compelled organizations to take a braver and bolder stance to their digital transformation strategies. It therefore brought along change that, in the long-term, will enable companies across all industries and of all sizes to become more agile and more efficient.

For our customers to achieve this, Injazat's own transformation has accelerated in order to bridge the gap from an IT service provider to becoming a true enabler of digital transformation. Our internal transformation is otherwise referred to as Injazat 4.0, a nod to the reality that the 4th Industrial Revolution is well underway, featuring end-to-end product solutions like Cloud, Cyber Security, and Apps and Emerging Technologies to drive cost efficiencies, provide flexible and secure environments that enable agility, and open up new digital opportunities through long and short-term investments.

I am pleased to say, that through our recent partnership with LTI we have made important progress in setting the direction for organizations across the region and in support of the UAE's diversification efforts by markedly increasing our own capabilities. Through Injazat 4.0, and global partnerships like the one with LTI, we are better positioned to build the digital economy and platforms in the region with the ultimate goal to unlock value for our customers and make a lasting impact on our communities.

We continue addressing the 'business as usual' needs of our clients but in fundamentally superior ways. We do this by introducing new services and products – including emerging technologies such as AI, IoT, and utilizing Big Data. Supplementing this, we have created our Digital Business X (DBX) Division. Combining design thinking, lean start-up and agile principles, the team brings together our own leading product experts with a global ecosystem of partners to lead innovations and create digital platforms across key industries – including Healthcare, Finance, Education, Smart Cities, and Energy & Utilities – all for the benefit of local communities and to ultimately fulfill our purpose to Empower Human Achievement.

A very timely example is the Sharjah-based 'House of Wisdom', a new flagship cultural destination from our partners Shurooq that is redefining the way people learn and exchange knowledge. Enabled by our global network, we helped create one of the first 'phygital' libraries in the region, allying a wide range of emerging technologies throughout the building including: IoT for books, facial recognition, smart parking, children tracking wristbands and robotics all interconnected and accessible through a modern web and mobile app. The end result is a flexible and scalable platform able to deliver digital experiences fully integrated with the physical spaces and tailored to the needs and expectations of different visitor profiles or personas. The project provides a powerful reference of Injazat's capabilities and ambitions demonstrating our ability to assemble and orchestrate an ecosystem of partners spanning multiple continents and domains.

It is for projects like these, as well as Malaffi, the first health information exchange in the MENA region, developed in partnership with the Department of Health – Abu Dhabi (DOH), and Hassantuk, a Smart City program in collaboration with the UAE Civil Defense and the Ministry of Interior that keeps more than 150,000 buildings across the UAE secure, that we have learned that success will be defined by the ability to drive an integrated approach that brings an entire ecosystem of partners to the table to meet our customer's complex needs through a solutions-agnostic approach. An approach that puts Injazat at the heart of their transformation, essentially turning us into an 'Orchestrator of Digital Transformation'.

Through Injazat 4.0, we have successfully set the course. Now is the time to hoist the sails to achieve our goals and that of our customers in 2021.

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