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Why Cybersecurity will remain a hot topic in 2021
Jan 24, 2021

Solely seen from an industry standpoint, 2020 has been a relatively successful year for the technology sector at large. We have reached an inflection point in which we have seen an unprecedented number of customers adopting a digital strategy. A moment in which digital has truly become default. With large-scale migration to digital, however, comes new challenges. With the move to the Cloud in particular, we have never seen more information and personal data being stored online. As a result, organizations need to urgently ask themselves: How can we keep our own, and our customers, data secure?

Cybersecurity breaches are happening to the largest and most technologically advanced organizations, and unfortunately, they are becoming ever more sophisticated. This has been accelerated by COVID-19 and by a remote workforce with access to sensitive company data. Global workforces are using multiple end-devices and connections through (often unsecured) networks. Cybersecurity experts have continuously warned organizations around the world to take preventive measures to avoid damage to their operations and reputation.

Despite great advances in recent years, the Middle East as a region, still has some way to go, especially as we enter 2021. According to earlier insights from Intersec, only 45% of Middle Eastern companies have aligned their cybersecurity strategies, while 48% of Middle East cyberattacks have cost organizations on average $500,000 in damages each. Given this large amount, cybersecurity needs to become an integrated part of the larger business strategy and must be driven from the top down, like any business transformation project.

Organizations need to understand what the best cybersecurity approach is for them. Traditional Security Operations Centers (SOCs) were designed for specific needs, and have limited use-cases, receive limited or restricted threat intelligence, and are not built to work autonomously. Injazat’s Cyber Fusion Center (CFC), in comparison, was established to take a proactive approach to cybersecurity. Our CFC empowers businesses with a holistic overview of cybersecurity processes so they can operate with greater awareness and efficiency.

In fact, our cybersecurity services remain one of the most advanced in the Middle East. Our specialized teams are supported by intelligence and technology, constantly looking for weaknesses and responding with agility and speed to contain threats. Our team of highly skilled security analysts and engineers regularly leverage available technologies to determine best-in-class applications that will empower them to make insightful analysis of potential threats and proactive recommendations to our clients.

We are focused on detecting threats before they become a problem. We assess real-time intelligence received from around 30 different fields, use predictive analytics to ascertain threats and risks, and generate very specific, detailed, sector-specific, and client-specific reports which are shared with our clients, and with the rest of the capability teams within the Cyber Fusion Center.

As the cybersecurity ecosystem becomes increasingly complex, Injazat is simplifying management for customers. Security orchestration allows most security management tasks to be completed from a single console. Automation and machine learning forms an essential part of orchestration, allowing workflows to be built that do not need human intervention, and reducing the occurrence of false negatives.

At Injazat we take your security seriously. Threats change daily, and it is important to continuously analyze test and evolve your approaches to ensure the highest level of security.

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