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INGENIUS is our venture building arm that focuses on building from scratch high impact ventures for the most promising markets in the MENA region. Our expertise, processes and enablers simplify and de-risk venture building, allowing you to innovate with a trusted partner.

Pioneers with purpose

Much more than a service provider, we are a transformation partner. Our model allows us to move on from co-designing end-to-end digital solutions "as a service", to building real partnerships, with flexible exit options. We share the risk and responsibility of innovation, provide top talent and open our network of partners and clients.

This investment capability is what makes Injazat unique in the market.

Thanks to InGenius great ideas are generated, designed and validated through MVPs. We team up to make sure those small projects that are not big enough to get leadership attention, get transformed in changing initiatives. For big initiatives, we have a focused approach that delivers market validation in typically 3 months.
Ovidiu Pitic
CTO of InGenius

You are guided in the process and continuously informed on the return on investment
We co-design the journey with you but you control the process, at your pace, and around your needs. At each phase, you have the option to move forward or exit the process. This ensures better monitoring of investment - vs. putting a big investment upfront.

Tangible deliverables at each phase
We offer this process as a service. Every phase therefore comes with tangible deliverables, and significant amount of information to facilitate the decision-making. We are agile and implement fast and with scope flexibility.

Injazat Partner Ecosystem
Injazat is a G42 company that gives you get access to an ecosystem of leading-edge partners with niche technology and industry expertise, and scarce talent: experienced problem solvers, digital architects, business innovators and consultants from around the world.

Outcome focused - technology comes next
We start from the outcome and bring niche experts into the conversation who understand your industry and speak your language to make sure our digital solutions perfectly deliver the desired outcome.

Technology experts and vendor agnostic
Injazat can bring the best of breed and best in class technologies and add value by applying AI, computer vision or machine learning to generate insights and create a better customer experience.
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