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Protecting lives and properties with the World’s 1st combined fire & life safety system designed to be implemented nationwide

Hassantuk is a strategic Public-Private-Partnership between the UAE Ministry of Interior and Injazat, working with UAE Civil Defense to revolutionize the nation’s ability to respond to emergency events.

In line with the countries' 2021 Vision, making the UAE one of the safest countries in the world, Hassantuk uses smart monitoring equipment, alerting and control systems to make and keep more than 150,000 buildings across the UAE secure.

From schools and hospitals, residential and commercial buildings, warehouses and workshops, Hassantuk monitors connected buildings fire alarm systems 24/7 from a central control room, liaising with Civil Defence Operators and emergency services to transmit fire and life safety events with greater detail and speed.

Hassantuk's advanced AI engines generate regular operational and business intelligence reports for Civil Defense and the Ministry of Interior, while its dedicated online dashboards and real-time messaging enable building owners to constantly monitor their properties, adding an additional layer of information and actionable intelligence.

Hassantuk is the world’s first secure combined fire and life safety alarm system and maintenance monitoring digital solution designed to be implemented over an entire country – and Injazat is proud to be the trusted partner powering this critical Federal safety system.

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The Hassantuk Alarm Receiving Center incorporates the latest technologies ensuring uninterrupted, accurate and rapid transmission of all alarms and events. The integrated solution is unique in the region and is the foundation for future National public safety initiatives.
Ayman Alsebeyi
General Manager Hassantuk
Hassantuk Hassantuk
  • Alarm Receiving Center (ARC) that is manned 24/7 for real time monitoring
  • 24/7 Monitoring, alarm verification and dispatch of Civil Defence in real-time.
  • CRM - Dedicated online dashboards, Smart app and real-time messaging for customers and Civil Defense to monitor properties
  • Advanced AI generating intelligence reports for Civil Defense and the Ministry of Interior.
  • Deep system integration that allows predictive maintenance
  • Monitoring devices installed in Civil Defense vehicles
  • Improved preventive care based on flags from advanced predictive risk models
  • Auto Dialling system to confirm fire Alarm
Benefits for the Ministry of the Interior - Enhanced public safety & UAE reputation
  • Fire protection systems are always ready
  • Reduced false alarms and malicious call outs through third party verification
  • Reduced response time across the territory
  • Deep system integration that allows predictive maintenance
  • Reduced building inspection costs
  • Additional revenue to develop the civil defense sector
  • based on flags from advanced predictive risk models
  • Best department for security award 2020
    - MOI considered one of the most innovative departments in the UAE.
Benefits for Building owners - Increased property safety & economic value
  • Higher protection level for the building and its residents
  • Shortened response times and increased response efficiency helping reduce danger to life and damage to property
  • Reduced fire damages and recovery time after fires
  • High return when investing in building safety systems
  • Reduced building insurance premiums
Benefits for Civil Defense Operators
  • Early Notification and Validation
  • Accurate and timely reporting of an emergency to ensure an exact rapid response
  • Real-time awareness of incidents through centralized monitoring, alerting and reporting
  • Rapid information sharing and co-ordination during incidents
  • Clear graphical visualization using pre fire plans and maps
Impact - after 3 years of operation
  • 50% Reduction in the loss of life by detecting Fire Alarm in less than 2 minutes.
  • 40% Better utilization of Civil defense resources by verifying alarms before dispatch.
  • 100% visibility on status of fire and life safety equipment's of properties
  • 30% Reduction in insurance premiums of the property
  • 50% faster response time by Civil defense
  • 26,000+ buildings secured across UAE
  • 8mn + Fire & Maintenance Alarms Processed
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